Alkaline Water Benefits

There isn't a living being on Earth that can survive without water. Not only does water keep people healthy, but it's also an important part of sustaining the environment. In short, everyone knows that water is essential in order to survive. However, not everyone knows that the proper acid and alkaline balance in water is just as important as the water itself.

Alkaline Water Benefits - How it Affects One's Body

Being healthy involves more than just eating right and exercising. A large part of being healthy has to do with having the best acid/alkaline balance, or pH level, in one's body. The pH level in a person's body affects each cell in the body.

This means that whenever there is an acidic imbalance, there may be cause for health complications. The body is trained to maintain a healthy pH level, and when it's unable to do so, unnecessary stress is placed on other bodily functions.

Negative effects of an improper acid/alkaline balance include:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Low energy
  3. Weight gain
  4. Insufficient digestion
  5. General aches and pains
  6. More serious disorders

Alkaline Water Benefits - Learning How to Stay Properly Hydrated

Making sure to drink enough water is the best way to maintain a proper acid/alkaline balance. The body itself is comprised of more than 80% water, and as a result, it loses approximately 2.5 liters of water every day, solely through completely normal bodily functions. This means the body is often in constant need of replenishment. The obvious solution is to drink plenty of water.

However, just drinking water isn't enough. The water's quality is equally important. Part of water's job is to prevent chemical substances and toxins from creating destructive effects on the body's cells. It is also water's job to be a transportation vehicle for the nutrients and minerals necessary for cells to metabolize or remove harmful substances.

Alkaline Water Benefits - Drinking the Right Kind of Water

Ideally, one should constantly be drinking three to four liters of water that has a pH balance somewhere around 9 or 10 every day. Water with a pH balance of 9 or 10 is alkaline ionized. Alkaline water helps to neutralize toxins or stored acids present in someone's body. If a stored acid becomes neutralized, it's much easier to be removed from the body naturally.

Research has also shown that alkaline ionized water helps the body resist disease by:

  • Preventing free radicals from damaging cells
  • Replenishing good nutrients
  • Increasing hydration between cells
  • Protecting and stabilizing cells
  • Preventing waste build-up in cells
  • Helping blood flow to remain normal and constant
  • Alkaline Water Benefits - Oxygen

    Water that is ionized has several antioxidant qualities. One of these qualities involves hydroxyl ions, which are oxygen molecules that have an extra electron. Hydroxyl ions attach to free radicals that are known to cause the development of cancer, turning them into harmless molecules.

    Hydroxyl ions are also responsible for bringing more oxygen to the body. Many people do not have enough oxygen in their body, which is in part due to a person's diet, but also because today's environment is severely depleted in oxygen levels. Oxygen is one of the most useful nutrients because it helps to destroy bacteria, viruses, and even cancer cells. In addition, oxygen helps harmful acid waste navigate away from the body tissues. Acid waste that is left to accumulate can get into the body's joints and cause arthritis and inflammation. Acid waste can also come from soft drinks, which are the most acidic substance a person can consume. Acidic environments are also prime spots for diseases.

    Alkaline Water Benefits - Getting the Full Effect

    In order to receive the full power of oxygen-rich, alkaline ionized water, it should be drunk directly from the tap. Water that's ionized will contain thousands of small bubbles as it pours from an ionizer, which is a simple household appliance that takes care of the ionizing process.

    The bubbles are the actual hydroxyl ions, and they are antioxidants that can help improve one's health. The important thing to remember about ionizers is that it's better to drink the water when it's fresh. Ionized water is known to only last for about 18 to 24 hours before it will need to be re-ionized.

    The benefits of alkaline water are numerous. Simply drinking a few glasses of it each day can improve one's health by facilitating in the function of cells, tissues and blood.