What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water is the least acidic form of water. On the pH scale (which measures acidity on a scale of 0-14), anything above "neutral" (pH level 7) is considered alkaline, and anything below is considered acidic. You can raise your water's pH level by using "water ionizers." With increased consumption of alkaline water (also known as "ionized water"), you may be able to increase the overall pH levels of your body.

Lower pH levels can have a negative effect on your body, while higher levels increase your body's essential processes. Drinking alkaline water gives your body the necessary tools to get rid of the carcinogens one consumes on a daily basis. These carcinogens can be consumed through the air, as well as through the liquids and solids that are a part of ones diet. Alkaline water can vastly improve your body's disposition when it is paired with a healthy diet. Soft drinks and fast food have the worst effect on your body's pH levels, so eating more fruits and vegetables and less foods with meat and dairy will contribute to the decrease of acidity in your system.

What does a water ionizer do?

The water ionizer filters your water through charged electrodes, removing its more acidic components, which results in a higher, and healthier, pH level. The charge of the water molecules also shifts during this process, which is known as electrolysis. The charged molecules use polar attraction to help your body seek out and neutralize any free radicals, which can decrease the negative reactions caused by free radicals.

Free radicals are harmful particles that roam your body's system and can cause damage to your essential molecules, including DNA damage and deterioration of your cellular structures. An increase in alkaline water consumption increases the level of antioxidants in your body, which can decrease the damage caused by free radicals and limit the oxidation processes that harm your body.

After the ionization process, the water is separated into acidic water (the harmful components of the water) and alkaline water (the filtered, drinkable components). The resulting alkaline water will have many small bubbles, which are the charged antioxidants, and will generally stay fresh for 18-24 hours after filtration.

What are free radicals?

Free radicals are unpaired subatomic particles that can carry a positive, negative, or neutral charge. When these free radicals attract paired molecules (two or more molecules connected through polar attraction), the body can go through various malfunctions, causing even more harm to your body.

With alkaline water, the electrical charge of the ionized water attracts free radicals that are associated with deadly diseases and mutations and nullifies their negative effects. Increasing your antioxidant intake can only improve your body's ability to function. Research has consistently demonstrated a lack of negative effects caused by drinking alkaline water, as these antioxidants are extremely beneficial to the body's processes.

Your body accumulates free radicals by consuming processed foods and sugary soft drinks that affect its pH levels. Without the presence of antioxidants, the acidic components of these products build up and hinder your body's ability to metabolize them. Alkaline water gives your metabolism a jump-start, helping break down the build up of the toxins prevalent in everyday products.

What is water electrolysis?

Water electrolysis is the process of breaking water down into its key components, which are Oxygen ("O") and Hydrogen ("H"). This occurs by passing an electric current through the water (two parts H, one part O; hence H2O ). The resulting charged particles increase your body's catalytic efficiency, as they are more able to attract the harmful free radicals. The electrical current acts as filter at the elemental level, giving you some of the most thoroughly filtered water available.

What are some of the benefits of alkaline water?

Because alkaline water has antioxidant properties, it is more beneficial to drink than regular water. It improves your body's metabolic processes and encourages your immune system to fight off infections and diseases. The more alkaline water you drink, the more efficient your body will expunge toxins, which allows it to perform more efficiently. Toxins can only harm the body, so decreasing the presence of these toxins through the consumption of alkaline water will keep your body's efficiency at top levels.

Alkaline water improves the human body at a cellular level, and is thought to discourage the aging process, as well as protect your body from its smallest known components. It helps to constrict the skin cells, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and acne by limiting the amount of toxins that can enter through the skin's pores. It can rid the body of bacteria, helping the body to fight against infections that can penetrate the skin, or that gain access through open wounds.

Why can't I just drink tap water instead?

Water is a very conductive substance, and when chemicals enter water they can easily spread to the entire water supply. Because tap water is prevalently used throughout the community, such chemicals easily contaminate it. Investigators have discovered chemicals, including traces of pharmaceuticals, in the drinking water supplied to tens of millions of Americans. The filtration process used for tap water is not thorough enough to rid the water of these chemicals, and the continuing consumption of tap water can have long-term effects on your body's health.

Researchers have also found chlorine, lead, fluoride, and pesticides in tap water, all of which can be dangerous to consume in mass amounts. Consumption of chlorine is related to cancer and increased bacteria activity, which can cause the release of bacterial byproducts when the bacteria come into contact with skin. Lead is poisonous and can hinder brain development. Fluoride, which is the intricate ingredient in some popular pesticides, can be even more damaging than lead. It can damage enamel and can interfere with normal brain functions, and has also been linked to bone disease and cancer.

How does alkaline water protect me from these chemicals?

The pH level of water not only measures the acidity of the substance, it also measures its purity (the higher the pH, the purer the water). With increased purity, the body does not waste as much energy, and can then use the saved energy to battle negative substances more quickly and efficiently. Since the filtration process is so thorough, it takes any chemicals, such as fluoride and chlorine, out of normal tap water and gives you the purest form of alkaline water.

Without these chemicals, you greatly improve your chances of evading deadly diseases that are related to the components of tap water. As your kidneys and liver filter less and less chemicals and free radicals, they will become cleaner and more efficient, which will result in noticeable physical benefits.

How does alkaline water help my body function?

Everything you consume affects your body in one way or another, and just like the ionization of molecules, the effect can be positive, negative, or neutral. Alkaline water improves your body's ability to get rid of all of the negative effects of our surroundings, while improving the positive effects. Water acts as a sort of transit system for your body, sending the proper nutrients to your cells, and getting rid of the unnecessary or hurtful substances. It also regulates body temperature and improves the performance of bodily functions. Without proper hydration with alkaline water, the human body is more prone to infection, disease, and illness.

Alkaline water may also improve your body's ability to metabolize fat cells. It can reduce stress, improve the production of insulin, sooth joint discomfort, increase physical and mental stamina, and improve mental alertness. While drinking regular water can help improve these processes, it cannot work as quickly and effectively as alkaline water.

What benefits does alkaline water have over regular water?

Increased pH levels have long been thought to increase not only the quality of water, but also the taste. The chemicals and pharmaceuticals found in water can give tap water a less than desirable taste. After the filtration and ionization process, you will notice a significant improvement in your water. It has been used in the food industry as a deterrent against food contaminants. Because water makes up two-thirds of our body, it is important to consume the best water you can.

Using ionized water can increase the value of everything you might consume using regular water. Whether you are making coffee, tea, or even cooking pasta, you will benefit from using ionized water. It is also beneficial to use alkaline water when brushing your teeth, washing your hands, and showering.

Can consuming alkaline water improve my cholesterol levels?

Researchers have noticed some correlation between the extended consumption of alkaline water and the decrease of cholesterol levels. Studies show that because of the increased calcium produced by a higher metabolic rate, which is caused by high pH levels, the body can dissolve the cholesterol more quickly than with regular water.

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