Choosing the Right Alkaline Water Machine

Alkaline water bestows many beneficial health effects and helps maintain a neutral pH balance in the body. Because of such significant effects, it is important to choose the alkaline water machine that provides the most effective benefits, is made from the best materials, and offers the most efficient and useful features. As an industry leader, Tyent provides alkaline water machines that outperform nearly any competitor.

Tyent alkaline water machines are not only known for their impressive physical stature, but also for their consistently high construction standards. This is because Tyent uses the largest, strongest and most high quality materials in the production of their alkaline water machines.

High-Quality Components

An example of Tyent's dedication to large high quality parts, the Tyent 9090 Turbo alkaline water machine features larger surface plates than any competitor. The plates are where the beneficial ionization takes place, and larger plates allow for greater pH range and stronger beneficial effects. Tyent's plates are always medical grade, coated and baked with 10 layers of titanium to maximize longevity and strength. Similarly, Tyent alkaline water machines offer the largest filters in the industry, resulting in the purest water.

Tyent alkaline water machines are some of the most powerful in the industry. The 9090 Turbo model can supply over 350 watts of power to the machine's titanium plates, allowing them to work as electrodes. This increase in electrical power translates into water that has more beneficial effects.

The size of Tyent alkaline water machines in conjunction with their superior power supply make them the only systems available that are capable of creating large batches of dramatically ionized water without the use of chemical additives.

Based on most source water, which generally has a pH level of between 6.5 and 7.5, Tyent systems are able to produce water that has pH levels ranging from 2.3 to 12.0. This means that Tyent alkaline water machines are capable of producing water that has higher acidity or alkalinity, allowing for dramatic effects. While the high pH alkaline water can be consumed for its health benefits, the low pH acid water makes an excellent disinfectant and cleaning agent due to its antiseptic properties.


The International Standards Organization has awarded Tyent with both its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. This means that Tyent's quality control and environmental management meet or exceed the established industry standards. Tyent is also certified by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). The safety standards required to obtain UL certification are among the most stringent, making UL the most difficult safety certification to obtain.

The Korean Food and Drug Administration has fully certified Tyent's products as medical devices, and thousands of doctors across Asia use Tyent alkaline water systems regularly to help patients with numerous health issues.

Tyent is also well-regarded for the lifetime warranty it offers to all its customers. This endless warranty covers everything other than accidental or intentional physical damage, meaning that no matter what type of water is used, how much alkaline water is produced at a time, or how frequently a machine is used, Tyent will cover parts and repairs for life.

By providing the highest quality, safest and most respected products in the industry, Tyent proves itself to be a top-notch manufacturer of alkaline water machines.

Quality Features

Tyent alkaline water machines offer numerous features to improve the user experience. These features have a variety of helpful functions to make the process of making alkaline water easier and more convenient.

Tyent alkaline water machines offer one-touch technology, making it quick and simple to create healthy alkaline water. One must simply press the machine's LCD screen once to begin the flow of alkaline water and once again to turn it off. This ease of use means that the machines can be operated safely by children, adults and elderly individuals. Tyent machines are also versatile, offering over 50 power settings. These settings allow users to fine tune the systems to best fit their own home and location.

Tyent machines use a voice guide service that plays recordings to inform the user of the function of various buttons and to provide audio warnings if something becomes unsafe. The machines can also be configured to shut off water flow after a set period of time to prevent overflowing.

Additionally, Tyent machines are self cleaning. With anti-bacterial technology that is more effective than ultraviolet rays and a Polaroid Anti Scale Technology (PAST) cleaning system, Tyent systems stay clean to ensure the production of high quality alkaline water.

Providing high quality parts, a reputable brand name and great user features and technology, Tyent alkaline water systems are among the most advanced in the business. With the addition of a lifetime warranty, Tyent becomes the absolute best choice for alkaline water machines.