Why is a Proper Acid/Alkaline Balance Important?

Everyone drinks water at some point throughout the day. Not only does it taste good, but it also provides our bodies with much-needed nutrients, including oxygen. However, drinking the right kind of water can provide you with numerous health benefits and disease preventing effects. This is why a proper acid/alkaline balance in water is important.

Why Acid and Alkaline Balance in Water is Important - Positive Effects on the Body

Ionized water, or water that has a proper acid/alkaline balance, is one of the best ways to provide one's body with the attention and care it deserves. One should be drinking at least three or four liters of water a day. Ideally, that water should have a pH balance of 9 or 10 because that means it's properly ionized.

Alkaline water does a lot more than properly hydrate. It also helps neutralize toxins and acids. This is important because neutralized acids are much easier to be carried out of the tissues in a person's body.

In addition, some research has suggested that alkaline water does even more:

If one is apprehensive about switching to alkaline water or is doubtful about its benefits, consider the fact that whenever there is an acidic imbalance in the body, it has the potential to lead to serious health complications.

Some of the negative effects of an irregular acid/alkaline balance include:

Why Acid and Alkaline Balance in Water is Important - Keeping the Body Properly Hydrated

A person's body is made up of at least 80% water, which means that as the body performs day-to-day activities, water is continually being depleted. In fact, the average body loses close to 2.5 liters of water every single day. As a result, people should always be replenishing themselves with more water.

Alkaline water will rehydrate as well as prevent harmful toxins from negatively affecting a body's cells. Alkaline water can also assist the body in transporting the essential minerals and nutrients necessary for cells to metabolize.

Why Acid and Alkaline Balance in Water is Important - Drinking it While it's Fresh

An ionizer is a household appliance that can be attached to tap of a kitchen sink. It is one of the most efficient and simple ways to drink alkaline infused water on a regular basis. The effects of this water are most potent when it is drunk directly from the tap. Ionized water usually stays most beneficial within the first 18 to 24 hours of being ionized.