The Effects of Alkaline Water on Stomach Acid

Most people don't think about exactly how your stomach manages to maintain a proper environment to digest and absorb different types of food. Your body is constantly performing a complex biochemistry balancing act in order to keep your stomach's pH level acidic enough to be able to destroy incoming bacteria and to digest foods. However, too much or too little acidity can be harmful, and therefore your stomach also needs sources of alkalinity such as alkaline water from a water ionizer.

The pH Level of Your Stomach

Your stomach system strives to keep a basic pH level of four. The pH level is essentially the amount of potential hydrogen present. The introduction of more hydrogen minerals into the environment than hydroxyl minerals reduces the pH level, creating a more acidic state. The principle also works the other way around. For example, alkaline water has more hydroxyl minerals than hydrogen, causing the pH level to increase. The cells that comprise your stomach wall and lining create hydrochloric acid to maintain the pH level at four or to reduce the level even further as needed.

The Effect of Alkaline Water

It's easy to assume that simply using a water ionizer to produce a glass of alkaline water would be ineffective because the water would simply be neutralized once it comes in contact with stomach acid. However, the biochemical process is much more complex than minerals simply being neutralized.

When alkaline water is introduced, the temporary increase of the stomach's pH level can successfully result in the creation of more hydrochloric acid by the stomach cells. This is a possible benefit for individuals who do not have enough stomach acidity stimulation to efficiently digest incoming nutrients and completely destroy bacteria. Water with high alkalinity can also provide a quick neutralization of excessive acid indigestion, similar to an antacid medication.

Effects Beyond the Stomach

Like other bodily systems, what occurs in the stomach can significantly affect the entire body. Whenever hydrochloric acid is stimulated after the intake of alkaline water, sodium bicarbonate is created as a byproduct. While hydrochloric acid stays within the stomach, sodium bicarbonate roams exclusively throughout the body's blood stream, acting as an alkaline product. It actively helps neutralize and eliminate existing acids and toxins.

Unfortunately, as one naturally ages, the ability to generate effective sodium bicarbonate decreases. This allows your body and your blood stream to better harbor toxins and acids that promote the degeneration of cellular tissue ultimately leading to a weaker immune system, weaker organs and a reduced ability to properly absorb needed vitamin and nutrients. Therefore, the long-term use of alkaline water can passively improve your body's ability to remove toxins from the bloodstream to maintain an overall healthy state of being.

A human stomach does an excellent job of maintaining its own pH level, but occasionally it needs immediate assistance from alkaline water to reduce acidic indigestion or to stimulate more hydrochloric acid production. More importantly, the prolonged use of alkaline water can help your body cope with acids and toxins in the bloodstream for decades to come.