Top 5 Reasons for Drinking Alkaline Water

The neutralizing properties of alkaline water offer plenty of reasons for you to drink it on a regular basis. It's easy to understand why alkaline water is commonly used as a solution to relieve acid indigestion after a hearty meal. However, many people are unaware of additional benefits related to bone health, antioxidant properties, dieting and cancer prevention that provide many reasons to make a habit out of drinking alkaline water.

Quick Acidic Relief

Your stomach is efficient in generating hydrochloric acid to create an environment where incoming foods are digested and bacteria is destroyed before it can enter into your bloodstream. However, the stomach is not as efficient in reducing a high acidic state. Alkaline water performs a function similar to a standard antacid. By introducing water with more hydroxyl minerals than hydrogen minerals, you can provide your body with a quick neutralizing solution to acidic indigestion.

Healthier Bones

As our bodies age, our bones gradually become weaker due to a greater inefficiency of replacing the calcium and minerals that are removed during the process of bone resorption. As new minerals are used to reinforce bone density, old minerals dissolve or are excreted from the body. When combining consistent intake of alkaline water and a healthy intake of calcium, the process of imbalanced bone resorption can be reduced. The body will be provided with much needed calcium to maintain bone density and the alkaline water helps reduce the presence of acids known to weaken bones.


In order for water to be categorized as alkaline water, it must have more hydroxyl minerals than hydrogen minerals. This effectively means that there must be plenty of hydroxyl ions present. These ions carry an extra electron. A hydroxyl ion is essentially the opposite of a free radical, which is an atom that is missing one electron. The absence of an electron causes free radicals to be unstable, moving through the body and taking electrons from inherently stable cells. This causes greater instability and promotes cell damage. By drinking alkaline water, you can introduce hydroxyl ions into your body in order to effectively neutralize free radicals.

Dieting with Alkaline

Alkaline water is the cornerstone of the alkaline diet, emphasizing the use of neutral foods and liquids. Individuals often use the alkaline diet because they suffer from chronic fatigue, become easily sick and generally have an increased disposition of irritability. This may be the result of a poor diet that has left the body unable to effectively combat acids and toxins. By consistently drinking alkaline water, eating vegetables and reducing the intake of acidic foods such as soda, meat and alcohol, you can effectively lose weight and improve your overall health.

Cancer Prevention

Because there is no single substance that can effectively reduce or prevent cancer, it is important to use as many preventative measures as possible. One of the more common ways to reduce the possibility of cancer is to drink alkaline water. Thanks to alkaline water's antioxidant properties, it actively provides your body with ions that will scavenge for free radicals and imbalanced cells. Not only can this delay tumor cancer growth, but it can also effectively help your immune system regulate bodily environments that may be more susceptible to cancer.

In all, there are plenty of reasons to drink alkaline water. Hydroxyl ions, along with healthy minerals in alkaline water, are used by your body to address acidic-related problems such as the presence of toxins and excessive acidity.